Vineyard for us represents everything.
The origin of wine, the daily effort, the true goal of our work.
The vineyard is the wine, because the cellar, after all, is just a cradle of "conservation"

“My family and I have made a commitment to the territory that hosts us, choosing to safeguard, through our work as winemakers, this small piece of world that we are lucky enough to call home, for us and for future generations.”


We are located in Veneto, in Verona’s province – at the foot of the Lessini Mountains.

Alpone valley has preserved the history of our family and our vineyards for generations. Here you can still breathe a peasant culture rich in traditions and ancient knowledge, where life is marked by the rhythm of nature and seasons.

Here 45 million years ago there were several very active volcanoes and everything was covered by the warm waters of a tropical sea. These particular conditions have given rise to soils composed mainly of basalts and black tuffs, rich in iron, magnesium and many other micro-elements which are transferred to the wine through the grapes, giving it a particular, very recognizable mineral flavour.


It is precisely on these soils that our vines have their roots, and it was from here that we started to produce wines that were the reflection of this uniqueness.

To best express this territory we decided to work mainly with Durella and Graganega – two native varieties with deep roots in this valley, and which here bring out their maximum potential.

Terrossa - La Garganega

Terrossa - La Garganega

Imagine an impervious and slightly wild hilly landscape, in which vineyards alternate with woods, olive and cherry trees and biodiversity reigns - this is where our vineyards are set, here our Garganega grows, and here our Soave wines are born.

It is no coincidence that the small town we live in is called Terrossa. In fact, already in Roman times it took the name "terra rubea" (red land). This particular reddish color is given by the volcanic nature of the soil and the high concentration of iron oxide, which characterizes this small area. It is not only the color of the ground that makes this place so special, but also the richness of the soil coming from the soil that rolls down from the lava rock columns, very rich in minerals and forest floor’s debris. A precious, abundant and continually renewed fertilizer, which has always offered, through the hands of wise men, fine grapes.

Vestenanova - La Durella

Vestenanova - La Durella

Here, closing our eyes, we can imagine a typical mountain landscape full of green flowering meadows and large, rich woods - it is in this paradise that our Durella grows. Here is where our spumante classic method wines are born.

Here the vineyards are located at a height that varies between 550 and 700 m. above sea level

Almost 40 years ago, when Antonio and Mara decided to plant the first vineyard in this area, they found themselves faced with a real challenge: the microclimate and physiology of the plant is in fact completely different from what they were used to. After the first years of "settling in" the results began to arrive, so much that the desire to plant new vineyards in this extraordinary landscape grew. Today in Vestenanova we have 7 hectares and we are proud of this area particularly suited to the production of high quality wines.