We are Giulia, Antonio, Mara and Anna, the Franchetto wineryโ€™s family. Our lives have always been linked by the love for the vineyard and the passion for music. Here, in fact, we are all musicians and it wouldn’t be strange to arrive in the cellar and find ourselves dealing with our musical instruments.

Welcome to our home.

Our family has lived and cultivated the land since 1800 in Terrossa, a small village among the wild and biodiversity-rich hills of the Alpone valley – at the foot of the Lessini Mountains. Pastoral farming is at the dawn of the company’s history which soon transforms thanks to the great passion of uncle Toni. A vine enthusiast, he planted a real nursery laboratory where he experimented with the various types of vines known in those times, like the ancient dall’Oro, Uliega, Delizia and many others, without forgetting Durella and Garganega. It was uncle Toni who passed on the passion for viticulture to a very young Antonio.

โ€œIn my wines I seek the authentic expression of my land and its history. I imagine my wines clean, direct and free to express their character. This is why my dad and I have chosen to work in a simple way, allowing our wines to be a pure expression of the grapes and the landscape in which they were born."


The story of Franchetto, however, begins later, in 1982, when Antonio Franchetto, at 20 years old and already aware of the great potential of his vineyards, decided to have his say by starting to press his grapes and make his own wine.